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I read your interview....It's soooo you J. J....Like it...
Wow, it's nice home-page...I enjoyed it and stayed here for long time...Thank you, J.J. Yoshiko
I think your as great as your dad. How's he doing? I'm the daughter of James Arthur Moore. Your dad and mine, were best friends in Ohio.
i've just watched your web!! i was moved many pictures and your activities.
I have my own particular sorrows, loves, delights; and you have yours. But sorrow, gladness, yearning, hope, love, belong to all of us, in all times and in all places. Music is the only means whereby we feel these emotions in their universality.
Love your style! Great stuff, J.J.!!
Write back ASAP
The Dylan Story made me wonder what I was doing here on this rock........ Michelle www.lovelywigs.com
Well Sumbitch! Found you.
Hi JJ - Just found your note and article on JoJo and had to tell you that you did a beautiful job writing it. I'll get a copy to her family. Thanks for all you do. Blessings to you.
Hi jj how are you? Its been long time since we met in india. did u remember me?
i bet you were the best one in your row j.j.!
The real deal. Love you!
hey man would love to work with you check out my website and let me know what you think www.bolderentertainment.com
checking it out
Nice website & blog and enjoyed looking at your photos and reading the interesting comments! Check out my photos some time...! www.vizualexplorations.smugmug.com
Thanks for the dylan story: I linked to you and wanted you to know I liked it, so I wrote about it in my blog. See ya around
Hey, I'm your first blog for 2009...right on! Well the world has changed, it's leveling off time, and a time to throw all caution and barriers and boundries to the wind artistically and go for broke. These are the times when great music is created out of the chaos and disruption of our lives due to a world gone mad, and pennyless. The birth of anything from a child to a masterpiece requires great suffering and turmoil. So now is the time to rejoice in that suffering and create something new, exciting, classic and never before witnessed. These times are the especially true for the blues. Time to take it up not just a notch, but to a different stratosphere...and the great bluesman of the past would be disappointed if we didn't. From Big Bill Broonzy, Lead Belly, Blind lemon, ect, we got Muddy Waters, Hooker, Howlin' Wolf, which spawned BB King, Albert King, Freddie King, which fed and nourished the British Invasion of blues, then to Jimi, where the blues was turned upside down, Rory Gallagher to SRV and on to what we have now. (And those are just the guys that are commercially popular) Now is the time for all of us to 'get out of our graves' as Jimi would say and create some real blues...I challenge the blues community to do just that... Cheers and wishing you a VERY blue 2009! Jay Lang
Hey J.J dig the website bro! Check my website out.. http://www.littlerockentertainment.com Later!
Really do like this page...your songs are great...good for you JJ...you reveal your soul!! Wish you could come visit us in Texas too!! My son lives in Austin. Good to visit with you Bluzgal
nice blog, great music. can't wait to see you live! let;s link share- http://www.musicnewsnet.com/ best,
JJ...God bless you for keepin' the spirit alive...here is a poem I wrote that I hope conveys the appreciation and love we all have for you...yes, it's weak..and I'm too damn old to edit it...but you'll get the idea... T'was light years ago, or just yesterday when those ghosts of a million parties boogied away... Strollin' for skank in a hell risin' Spring, or itch'n for something that just might have been... Was it attempts to throw irons into the fan when we first caught this freak who was our #1 fan? The knicker knicker man came and quickly he went, along with the emotional blackmail we sent... Is this ghost still writing his own little blog as termites would feast on a tender young log... Devoured in time as he screams "Look at Me!", I'm just doin' what I'm doing...Good Lord Look at Me... I'm just struttin' my stuff, as I watch through the crowd of pale young boys and a herd of dead cows... Or is it just sheep in the meadow and boys on their horns, feeling stupid at best but screaming for more... "You Really Got Me' played in drunken drugged time while a white boy plays slide trying to keep up with time... Has it really been 20 years since we tore down the house and demanded more money, more women more BEER? From a crowd that was sometimes nearly 300 strong, and like sheep with the madcow, they all sang our mad songs... We LOVED what we did, and believed in a cause and in time resurectiuon will all give us apause... Where message machines and the copper of the cock will warn us of the tickin' of the clock... And where we stand proud and scream and debate, but knowing inside..we are all but fish bait... where freedom rings true and we are proud to say we allowed Mr Abrams to have his own way, with sick little diddy's we let him perform, hearing "SICK" scream through the tempest of the storm... But we were cool, were were hip, we were hip to the 'bitch', which I can't even recall one even bit... But damn we were committed to that sick little band, and even more committed to our sick bunch of fans, who we'd would wonder in awe what they saw in the Dip, when at times we were convinced we sounded like shit! Now it's been 2 decades since the brothers of Dip have laid eyes on each other and thought we were hip...those days when the Buttrick would show up with a riff, and 5 minutes later we'd have that song nipped... Then there was JJ who'd show at a gig and some cats in the band objected to this... Then he showed up at a session where we'd write all our songs, and then lost another banger who beated his gongs screaming "No! I won't take it, this teenage twit, we are a serious band and we can't put up with this!!! So 'sorry' we say, this JJ is cool, and if you want to split... well pick up your tools... So before long the band had 'com 4, a drummer, a keyboard, a bass and a whore... oh but man we did dig it, those last precious sessions and no one could comprehend the lasting impressions... where were the congos, where was the euro beat beat???? HEY...We'd traded it for carnage, potatos and MEAT! We were finally there, good Lord we were pissed, we were screaming for justice and finally at bliss...The Buttrick was ranting "RIOT IN THE STREETS" and Abrams was screaming whatever secrets he keeps, and the Tomo was whacking his drums as we begged "beat those mother fuckers and lose all that weight!" As the sun sinketh down... We went out as a band, we went out in a binge, BUT one day we will rise beware all our sheep friends... Whom we must all agree and we all are in debt to a skinny little punk who showed us respect... And seeing that punk and that man on the bass after so many years no one could have guessed... What it does to the Dip what it says to the soul, that no matter how far where we will stroll... There are still Sheep in the pastures and still cows in the horn that still in their hearts are waiting for home... Where an ax and a gutstring, some cowhide and tin, will ring out the bells, we're comin' again... And when that day comes, you better be there, as we tell you the story of the 4 little bears that were ALWAYS... Looking for friends of mine, the ones that made us feel so fine, thet knew what we were all about, and knew ALL the things in life we we doubt Like science, Christianity, big buisness and beaucracy, parents, teachers, the golden rule and all that SHIT they taught in school... Notes from a ghost of a million parties...
Well I was on my way to the Topanga gig, but my Lear Jet ran out of fuel and had to ditch it just as it was leaving JFK BUMMER...next time I need to check the fuel gauge...but I was there in spirit! Was great seeing all the old rockers and that skinny guy with the cowboy hat. Didn't recognize Mike Buttrick at first, but there he was...and was great to see him and JJ playing together. Hope to hear some recordings, and by the sounds of it, Mike's playing started the creative juices in JJ's head to create a new song right there on stage...hmmm...maybe that's why Sheep Dip had a song list of 10 new songs every gig...put Mike on that ax...and let it go, then just start ranting...(he'll join in) Cheers to all from the Big Apple...Jay
J.J. how are ya, just dropped by and thought that I would say HI, Spoke to Robert a few weeks ago, and he said to say 'hi' and then I found out that you aren't at CEC anymore. I never go into the office anymore so I hadn't heard. My wife's pregnant and we are expecting in Dec. Get in touch when you get a chance. Keep on truckin Cheesey, I know!! Matt
Hi J.J. Long time so listen. I check out your page every so often to see what you and J-blues bands are up to. Definitely miss listening to you and big Mac-Attack live. Looks like I missed the great Glen Terry too. Give Mac a big clap on the back from me when you see him next.
Hi J.J.! Was great fun on stage with you in Tokyo!
JJ Great to hear to new stuff. Can't wait to get back and hit it hard soon.
You've come a long way JJ and that is no lie, From the baked Texas flat lands to the rising sun in the sky, Guitar in hand I see you waitin' for that train Keepin' the blues alive through snow, sleet and pain Don't ever let 'em tell you, you ain't rising to the top Cuz you already made it brother, you bled it from the heart And when we is old and sloppy and spittle's runnin' from our chins, and our ax's are so worn the frets are beaten paper thin we'll still be trading guitar licks and singing of the blues And when my last day comes around, I'll alwasy be glad... that I had... the time I spent with you Love you brother...Jay
yo jj, i was pokin around on the site here, and thought to myself, "ive never signed jj's guest book..!" so im sorry that this is a bit overdue. though we've never met in person, i can say you've been like a big bro and guitar guru to me..talking guitars, and talking about what it means to be a musician. hope to see you in sin city some day...just make sure to bring some of those classy six-string beauties with ya. ;) -Skinny Ted (you know..from myspace!)
Hi there can give you a tip on a great radio station. Listen to THE DR ROCK SHOW at radio vox on sundays. You can check it out on the website www.drrock.se and you can wish for songs live during the show. And he even plays new demos that some bands have sent to the radio. Cheers Annica PS. he will play everything that you can call quality music DS
WOW! Can't believe you dug these up. They sure do bring back memories. The other guy is ElNathan Ferguson, a really good drummer and backup singer.
Howdy, I've changed my mail address, so next time you let me know your live info or something, please send a mail to new address. Cheers, Teru
nice firebird guitar! Keep on rockin! check out my painted guitars sometime. peace dave hervey http://www.herveyart.com
Hey, man , remember me? I'm still in H-town and wondered what's going on with you. Contact me thru e-mail or at 832-978-3680. Later!
bust it out J.J. !
Dad blastit J.J. do I have to come all the way to Tokyo for us to jam? Have you gone to neilyoung.com and clicked on the Hey Georgie by Dr. Todd on the LWW Top 600 songs(Currently #37)(I know you have!!)? Better hurry, you'ld hate to think that we made it to number 1 without you!!!
Oh yeah !! Lots of Grease In That Groove !!!!!!!!!!!
Hey J.J., Let me say it to your fans. Your show at the FCCJ last night was THE BEST concert (not gig) that I have seen in Japan. Looking forward to the next time you play in Tokyo.
Uncle J.J., where the hell are you? come see me soon! love you and miss you... if Rudikah is still around tell her hello!
hey little brother!!!! great site, enjoyed reviewing all the stuff, love your sis.
J.J.! Just stopping by to say 'hi'! Diggin your sound as always! We gotta figure out how to get together someday... Later.. - Jerome
I love the new tunes. I listened to the first podcast, and got a huge slab of Thin Lizzy, Budgie, and kinda leaner-sounding early Skynyrd. These tunes are great. Might want to bring down the snap on the kickdrum on Soul Searching--and gimme more of your great vocals on "Cryin' For Your Love." They're way back there to my ears. Rock My World--has a great lick, and nice brownsound middy guitar spatch. Sounds like you been listenin' to "Tush" lately--nice. "Take Me Down" is just a cool goodtime shredder--again, don't be afraid to get your vocal up-front and present. You have a great voice. Keep on doin' it, man. This stuff is great.
Like your new stuff.
Hey J J, those pics are cool, they bring back memories. Not playing as much as I did back then, alot of tose gigs are a blur! Stay in touch, Im sure they love you in Japan! Best always, Kenny
It was a great night at the Fiddler!! Cheers..
The music sounds great!!You should come tour the States soon...
Hey J.J.! great music! keep up the good work!
Great to hear from you JJ, looks like your in Japan!? Right on! Play that blues like you do, best wishes for you and your wife, and your band, sincerely, Kenny Palyola
awesome site man! Thanks for checkin' mine out. Love the tunes
Merry Christmas! (I know nothing is more stupid than late delivered Christmas cards.....) We are glad to know your CD is finally on the market. Year 2005 became one of the best years for you. Stay cool,
When's your next gig, JJ? We're worked into a fine lather here. Set us free. Jonathan and Sarah...
Hi there, What cool pictures! I am looking forward to listening your songs.
Love your new site!! Keep on keepin' on...
Hi JJ! What's cool site and nice songs! I'd like to listen them at your live.
HEY J.J.! what's up? It has been more than a month since I came to Boston, and so far so good. The weather gets chilly and rains everyday. YOu got really nice site, and I love your photos. Please send my best regards to CEC members. I lost their e-mail......Please ask them to write to me.MICHIKO Hi JJ, I am still alive thanks to your "survival English". I miss the flavor of Texas and "Car Wash"! Sincerely, Shintaro
Hey there, dude... Nice site you got here. Some fun the other night, eh? Keep on rockin' !
hey brother, good lookin site! i dig the new photos and tunes.. keep lettin em' know.
Looks good. Easy to get around. I'm at work so couldn't hear the new mp3s but will later. Suffering Bastards' new CD is almost done. Should be ordering duplication this week!
Here is your dream website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/hitchhikers/ Here is another one right up your alley: www.jacobsm.com/mjdad.htm See you man Mike
Great web site and great Firebird guitar. Keep on rockin = http://www.stevemoore.addr.com
Semper Fi Bass or Die. S.D.M.F.L.A.M.F.
Looks great, and it's fun to see what you're up to.
Congrats!! Finally. It looks great!
Far out site,man.I really like the picture with Tommy Chong.When was that taken?
Hi, Cool web site!
Great website, thanks for the address. Now I can see what's coming up in the area.
Baddass dude!Your site rocks.Awesome tuneage.