An Open Letter From A Democratic Voter To John McCain

The election is over and so is the smearing and mudslinging. Both candidates gave noble and dignified speeches acknowledging each other's accomplishments. It's time for bipartisanship. In this spirit I sent the following e-mail to Senator John McCain via his website. I encourage all Democratic voters to do likewise. We must lead by example. --J.J.V. Mr. McCain, As a Democratic voter I want to say that your post-election speech was very noble and dignified and worthy of your history of service to our country. I believe your remarks about the historical significance of the first black President and sympathy for Obama's grandmother are sincere. Plus I was glad you were the Republican candidate. If we were to have another Republican president at this point in time I want it to be you. You are a credit to your party and your country. You are a true leader and have helped set a new precedent of bipartisanship. I sincerely hope that you continue in politics, especially in regards to the military which is your strong point. I don't know if any other Democratic voters have taken the time to send you any favorable comments but I thought it should be done so I'm doing it. Thank you for your tireless service to this great country and all it stands for. My best wishes to you and your family. Most Sincerely, J.J. Vicars Hard Drivin' Blues, Boogie & Rock 'n' Roll