C. Rex "album" Posted

After 10 years C. Rex will finally be heard! The short-lived but very cool Austin, TX group consisted of Todd Moore (vocals, rhythm guitar) and J.J.V. (lead guitar) with brothers Wayne Willems (bass) and Rich Willems (drums). The music could be best described as Southern Rock, Austin style. When I say "Southern Rock" I mean the original uncompromised first draft, freewheeling downhome tuneage, not the current musical rehashing and political reactionary stuff. Todd Moore wrote all the songs (except PARCHMAN'S FARM of course) and the band worked up the arrangements together. Short lived but a lot of fun and from my own discography one of the albums I listen to most.


The recordings were done with a small DAT recorder inside Wayne's trailer in Bastrop, TX where we used to rehearse. 11 songs plus 2 *bonus tracks* make for and album affectionately known as THE BASTROP TRAILER TAPES. Download them at http://www.jjvicars.com/music-group-186.html