Earthquake News & Helpful Links

The 8.9 quake occurred off the coast of Sendai where the tsunami hit. The northeastern part of Japan sustained the serious damage that's been seen on the news. The quake itself was felt as far as Beijing, China but no real damage. The trains shut down in Tokyo leaving a lot of people stranded in a city where it takes at least an hour to get anywhere. Usually takes me an hour and a half. Some folks in some outlying parts of Tokyo are without power but for the most part things are relatively cool here. The worst in Tokyo is on the east side in Chiba prefecture. The nuclear reactor you may have heard about is in Fukushima where they were still getting aftershocks every 20 minutes well into the night.

 A website has been set up to help find the dead and missing. For anybody in Japan or with people in Japan here are the links: (Japanese) (English)

 And here's the Wikipedia page on the quake:


For those of you on Facebook I'm keeping my Wall updated with relevant information. if you are outside of Japan and need to call someone to see if they're OK send me the number. Phone lines aren't working too good right now but I'll do what I can. Those of you on the U.S. West Coast stay tuned to the news, you got some heavy waves coming your way and they ain't for surfing!