Gearing Up For The Studio

After a three year hiatus the Long Way From Home album is underway again. All the "experimental" stuff was done during the first batch of sessions will drummer Bill Concello at his Sunshine Studio, ranging from the haunting ballad Solitude to the tongue-in-cheek Western Swing of Too Many Holes and the absurdly autobiographical Ballad of the Bumbling Pygmies to the old cowboy tune John Hardy as well as the Lonnie Mack styled instrumental Icebreakin' and the Rockbilly butt-rocker Maybe I'll Know You. The remainder of the album is pretty Bluesy so rather than dabbling around in the studio the band is playing a handful of gigs to get the songs their stage legs. The plan is to record live in the studio during one blowout session with a minimum of overdubs. February 23rd, March 22nd and April 26th the band hits Crawfish in Akasaka to get geared up. Also on the bill for all three dates are Mild Cheddar, featuring Mark Schwarz and Sean Brophy, and Sorcha & the Sinners. The Reverend Double J went into the studio with the Sinners late last year to add some guitar to Black Lace Blues so expect to hear that one live as well.