H-Bomb Ferguson R.I.P.

Cincinatti Blues shouter and pianist H-Bomb Ferguson passed away Sunday morning aged 77. Click on http://www.fox19.com/Global/story.asp?s=573066 for the full story. Back in '98-'00 I was living in Cincinatti and playing bass with my father's group Jerry & The Hipswingers. We played a lot of the same places as H-Bomb and got to know him fairly well. He was always a riot and the legends abound about his odd quirks,like arguing with spirits while on the bandstand. The wigs certainly added to the myth. Once I got to sit in with his group and he passed the word through his bass player Bobo that me and the other guys in the Hipswingers were welcome to sit in any time we wanted. Getting that kind of recognition from one of the originals like H-Bomb is the highest of highs. H-Bomb,what a character.