Happy New Year! Here's To 2007

2006 was a landmark year for me. SCI-FI DINER was released the previous December and by Spring the reviews were being published and the disc was getting airplay over in Europe. It also saw quite a few downloads via iTunes,especially TAKE ME ON DOWN TO MEMPHIS and the Jerry Lee Lewis ode to juvenile delinquency REAL WILD CHILD. The band lineup changed to include both my workhorse rhythm section and my Blues buddies Max Blues featuring Mac 'The Knife" Okuyama giving me two different groups to work with. I also made the aquaintence of some musicians back home in the States,Blues guitarist extrordinaire L.A. Jones who became something of a mentor showing me The New Voice and inspiring me to play some lowdown Blues,and the lovely miss Tara Tinsley a singer/songwriter from Modesto also touring behind her first album. I was also fortunate to make the aquaintence of Glen Terry,a fine Blues guitarist from Australia. There were several deaths and serious illnesses on the part of both musical heroes as well as family and friends plus old friends moving away but that's change and change is a part of life. My second album,and first of my back catalogue of songs,HI-TECH HILLBILLY was released as digital downloads in November shortly before playing the Christmas party at the Australian Embassy. That was a nice way to cap off the year. 2007 has some serious projects to look forward to both touring and recording. There will be more appearances in a wider variety of venues,both musically and geographically, and several recording sessions as the next album of new material is put together. There will be new MP3s on the site and new videos on YouTube,something else I was introduced to in '06 along with MySpace. While all this is going on the second and last album of back material HEARTLAND will be released with both it and HI-TECH HILLBILLY available on CD as well as downloads.