Larry Slezak Is On The Internet

A little bit of web surfing on an otherwise boring, rainy night turned up something very interesting. Houston Jazz sax player extraordanaire is now up and running on the Internet. Larry was a family friend when yours truly was first getting his musical feet wet. He was already smokin' but every time I heard him he somehow managed to outdo himself. Larry is one of those rare musicians who is constantly honing and refining his craft. While visiting back home last year I had the pleasure of seeing his group at Ovations. It has been 15 or more years since I had heard him and much to my surprise he was even better. I think of Larry every time I hit the books to woodshed. When I first mentioned bringing Jill Jones to Texas to record a Blues/Jazz/R&B album with real instruments (nothing against her current hit single on the Dance charts, but I'd like to hear her in that setting) Larry was one of the first names I mentioned. Now he's on the web and his site has a ton of content to delight your ears. I now invite those of you outside of Houston to discover a treasure we've known for many, many years. A little icing on the cake; Larry's son Joe Slezak, my age, is on drums. Joe and I started out on drums about the same time. He took it more naturally than I did and stuck with it. Today he's as solid as they come. Playing drums was fun but I wasn't cut out to be a Jazzer. When I took up Blues/Roots guitar I found my niche at last. There's a couple Jazz flavored numbers on a future CD and I hope to have Larry and Joe on them. Got my fingers crossed.