Mark Schwarz, renessaince man

Mark Schwarz is known as bassist and backing vocalist with Max Blues and J.J.V. The Kent, England native appears on the Max Blues album THE SUITCASE, along with the late drummer Shimpei 'dead eye' Ono, and on the upcoming J.J.V. album LONG WAY FROM HOME with drummer/engineer Bill Concello, also formerly of Max Blues. The release of LWFH has been pushed back from '09 to '10 and this summer will instead see the release of LONGHAIRED LEFTOVERS, a collection of leftover material from Jindaijii Monkey Studio. LEFTOVERS sees the credentials of Mark Schwarz expand to include photographer and graphic designer. The front cover shot was taken by Mark and features the J.J. Vicars model Broken Guitar he's currently building. Mark is also designing the CD jacket, adding his ownperverse twist to the infamous J.J.V. sick sense of humor. Mark- bassist, backing vocalist, luthier, photographer and designer. May da Schwarz be with you!