Nikki Hills Returns To The Scene Of The Crime

Yet another reunion is in the works! After years of searching through friends and online my "brother by another mother" Nikki Hills finally found me. During my first stay in Japan when I was still getting my guitar-slinging feet wet Nikki and I were the authentic Toxic Twins. Many jam sessions, parties and what-have-you ensued as we cranked our amps to 11 and blew out windows across Tokyo. His melodic Metal style and my Blues/Roots Rock were an unlikely pairing but for some strange reason it clicked After I went back to the States we lost contact. 11 years passed and I returned to Japan right as he was heading home to Colorado. Internet searches turned up nothing and nobody from "back in the day" seemed to know his whereabouts. After another 7 years he turned up seemingly out of the blue. What a trip, man! As of this writing I'm looking for a venue to set up a quick gig on Sunday or Monday which will be recorded audio and video.

Here's a recording of us "back in the day", Nikki stretching out on a riff that I brought in. Mike Buttrick is on bass and Tomo Takamizawa, Mike's bandmate in Sheep Dip, is on drums.

Another recording of us doing a very early version of SOUL SEARCHIN' which later appeared on the HI-TECH HILLBILLY album.

And be sure to check out Nikki Hills on MySpace and hear some of his own recordings.