Return of the Hillbilly Resistance

Six new songs have been added to the Hillbilly Resistance album. Download the 6 new songs, along with the original 10 and an extra, at

The Rockabilly trio was formed in 2002 when singer/songwriter Michael James Klunk hooked up with yours truly and bassist Michign Mike Horning. Several drummers were auditioned but none gelled so it was decided to stick with the classic Rockabilly trio format- vocal/acoustic guitar, electric guitar & doghouse bass. With Klunk's right hand from hell and Michigan Mike slapping the upright the percussion was covered. Add some reverb drenched electric pickings and the ghost of Sam Phillips seemed to nod in approval. 10 songs were recorded and mixed by Michigan Mike at his Doghouse Studio with the three of us standing in a tight circle facing each other. Backing vocals were overdubbed with all three of us on one mic.

In March 2010 I found a CD of Klunk demos including six songs we had never recorded. All but one, which we did record, were one track of Klunk accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. His meter was perfect and his rhythm driving, as always. All they needed was guitar and bass parts and they would be complete. I worked up guitar parts and also laid down bass parts until Michigan Mike could get his done. Two songs, WHAT I'M LIVING ON and SHE MAY BE YOUR WOMAN made it into my set lists with SDFR planned for some upcoming gigs. Since it will take some time for Michigan Mike to do his bass parts the demo versions have been uploaded already. Looking forward to hearing the songs with slap bass, a necessary componet of Rockabilly, but until then these are pretty groovy.