Streaming From The Cow

This Friday the 22nd Premature Evacuation will once again rock the Pink Cow to its core. Everybody's crazy about that band name so I guess I'm stuck with it. The show starts at 7:00 and we go on around 9:30. If you can't be in Tokyo you can watch the live webcast at Here's the times converted for you;


CA 5:30 am

TX 7:30 am

OH 8:30 am


Too early? Nah! What else were you gonna do before work? Some pile drivin' Rock 'n' Roll will wake you up good! If you're watching the webcast log onto Facebook and leave your comments. If you're there in person stay off your laptop/iPhone/what-have-you and enjoy the show. You'll be too busy drinking and dancing and carrying on to play with gadgets!