The Book Begins

The book is finally underway. Since nobody else saw fit to document the Austin Roots Rock revival of the 80's I've taken it upon myself to do so. Hell, even the SRV biographers are guilty of some criminal omissions! If you want something done right do it yourself, so I am.


Recently I interviewed drummer Mike Buck who along with the late Keith Ferguson was part of the most infamously greasy rhythm section in the history of Texas and Roots music. Read all about the original Fabulous Thunderbirds, the Leroi Brothers and his current group Eve & the Exiles with guitarist/vocalist Eve Monsees. Mike also reflects on the changes in Austin, SXSW and the pros and cons of the lasting influence at


Besides the first Fabulous Thunderbirds album Buck and Ferguson also appear together on the all instrumental guitar orgy TRASH TWANG & THUNDER which the upcoming book derives its name from. Billed as Big Guitars From Texas the Grammy nominated album from '85 features Don Leady, Denny Freeman, Evan Johns and Frankie Camaro on the six-strings giving Link Wray some heavy competition. Frankie Camaro recently got wind of the book and will be contributing his time to an interview. Rumor has it he also has an unreleased follow-up to TT&T with the legendary Buck/Ferguson rhythm section.


Yours truly wasn't the only one to cut his teeth on SRV, the T-Birds, Tail Gators and Big Guitars. Ronnie James came from a similar musical beginning and went on to play with Little Charlie & the Nightcats, then the Fabulous Thunderbirds and is now Jimmie Vaughan's bassist appearing on his new album. This cat is living the dream! Read all about Ronnie's bass playing adventures including time spent with Bill Willis in Jimmie Vaughan's band at