Video Shoot With Steve Lukather

I spent today being the bass player in the video for EVER CHANGING TIMES, the title track for the upcoming Steve Lukather album. On drums was Christian Muhr from Sweden. You can check him out at We arrived at 1:00 and by 3:00 we were on the soundstage shooting. Most of our parts were done without Steve. In the video our parts are done in "negative" (like a film negative) with Steve superimposed over us in full color. We did get to shoot one scene with him that will probably be in color when the video is finished. We would have had a quick jam but the amps weren't plugged in! We did a few wide-screen shots and then all the close-ups. Lee Sklar played on the album and if I had know that I would have practiced harder! As with most movie and video shoots there was a lot of waiting around so we got to hang out with Steve and his manager a bit. They were real cool and everybody was cutting up, cracking jokes and generally enjoying themselves. There were also several people shooting "the making of" type stuff and a few photographers including Jun Sato of WireImage Japan. His photos of the shoot can be seen at Maybe some shots will appear in the Japanese music magazines in the next few months. The video is supposed to be going out to MTV, VH-1, and every place else. After 25 years I'm finally gonna be on MTV! LOL! This was the second time I met Lukather. The first time was at a club in Roppongi (Tokyo) around '91 or '92. It was well into the evening and we were both lit up like Christmas trees. This time we were both sober so chances are we'll remember it. After the shoot I wanted to get a picture with him for the site so we hung around while they did some close-ups of him and then we all jumped up on the set as every photographer in the room closed in snapping away. Big thanks to everybody I was on the shoot with today for making it such a memorable shoot and especially to Steve Lukather for being so much fun to work with.