Long Way From Home - Album

Four years in the making! Five drummers, four bassists, three guests, two keyboardists and one guitarist/vocalist. CD includes two bonus tracks not available for download plus a groovy jacket designed by Hugh Ashton.


J.J. Vicars: Long Way from Home

Down Home - EP with Tara Tinsley

A collaboration between guitarist/arranger/producer J.J. Vicars and singer/songwriter Tara Tinsley. Recorded in October 2012 when Tinsley was touring Japan accompanied by J.J. on guitar.

Released August 1st, 2014

Tara Tinsley - vocals, acoustic guitar
J.J. Vicars - electric & acoustic guitars, bass
Glenn Rios - drums & percussion

Miya Kobayashi & Martin Leroux - backing vocals
Sean Tait - keys
Yoichiro Tsuneno - electric bass
Merlyn Kelly - upright bass

Arranged and produced by J.J. Vicars
Hugh Ashton - assistant producer
All songs by Tara Tinsley ©2014
℗2014 Annie Gator Records
All Rights Reserved

Meltdown - Single

Surf instrumental released as a single to raise money for the survivors of the March 11th, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan. While many foreign residents fled Japan in panic JJV was one of many who stayed put. Featuring Mississippi native Bull Durham on keys and Austin, TX resident Glenn Rios on drums. All money from the sale of MELTDOWN goes directly to Tohoku survivors. There's also a Dance Remix with Hugh Ashton on lap steel guitar.

Premature Evacuation: Meltdown

Longhaired Leftovers - CD

A collection of songs that didn't fit on any other album, LONGHAIRED LEFTOVERS flies all over the musical landscape dragging several musician friends into the foray. Guests include Suzi V (keys, backing vocals), Jeremy Gloff (keys) and Mark Schwarz (bass, backing vocals, jacket design and custom guitar). The CD includes a bonus track not available for download, a Rock 'n' Roll remake of Jeremy Gloff's 1987.


J.J. Vicars: Longhaired Leftovers

Heartland - CD

On his third disc guitar-slinger J.J. Vicars wanders up north for a dark ride through the heartland of America. Inspired by an intoxicated mix of The Stones, Humble Pie, and early Skynyrd with touches of Oscar Wilde and Charles Bukowski this is his heaviest and hardest rocking album ever.

CD includes 5 bonus tracks not available for download including J.J.'s recording of Ron Brewer's "Black Heart".

J.J. Vicars: Heartland

Hi-Tech Hillbilly - CD

On his sophomore disc, an eclectic collection of his earliest songs, JJV navigates his trademark guitar style through various musical landscapes, from blazing rockers to tender ballads and Jazz/Funk workouts. Recorded at his Jindaiji Monkey Studio playing all the instruments himself.

J.J. Vicars: Hi-Tech Hillbilly

Sci-Fi Diner - CD

The debut album recorded in Austin, TX. Eight songs with J.J. Barrera (The Tail Gators) on bass and Mike Buck (Leroi Bros) on drums plus five solo acoustic numbers.

J.J. Vicars: Sci-Fi Diner