Tara Tinsley's 3rd Japan Tour

Autumn has always been my favorite season and this autumn is doing me more favors than usual. The long awaited, way overdue Long Way From Home album is nearly finished. A few touch ups on the mix and then it's on to mastering. Look for an early November release, just in time to indulge yourself first and stock up on stocking stuffers the following month. It's been a helluva album; two sets of sessions three years apart, four bass players, five drummers and a smattering of guests here and there. This weekend we shoot the music video starring Tara Tinsley, which brings us to that other bit of news.


I first met Tara Tinsley in 2006 during her first Japan tour when we shared a bill at a July 4th festival at Atsugi Naval Base. We were the only ones not doing (c)Rap or Metal. Her voice was astounding and she had some really good songs. I was convinced she's be a star if she got with the right producer (as so many singer/songwriters need). I picked up her debut Come And Go and we stayed in touch online and two years later she toured Japan for the second time with a new album out, Sail Away. Her guitarist and producer on that album did exactly what I thought needed to be done, he framed her voice and songs in the right setting. Now I was convinced she was about to break big.


Fast forward another four years and a third album, Beautiful Day, and we've kept in touch, though always missing each other when passing through the same city. Now she's arriving in Japan for her third tour as I write this and guitar duties have fallen to yours truly. While I enjoy working with singer/songwriters, and have worked with some very talented ones, Tara is one whom I've wanted to work with since the first time I heard her. There will also be some recording, both her songs and mine, as well as her video appearance mentioned above. The first show is this Thursday in Yokohama and for those outside Japan there will be an online concert this Sunday. Gig info for all five shows is on the Calendar page. You can find her on Facebook and she'll be posting on her blog while she's here.

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