New Single "Here With You"

The new single "Here With You" and its accompanying video have arrived. Written and recorded in March 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown and offered as a "pay what you want" download. Some people have been generous patrons of the arts while musicians are unable to gig and some people are wondering how they're going to eat next week. Go to and download it now.

The song features several milestones. The lead vocal is a direct result of newfound fitness, the strength allowing for an expanded range. The three-part Doo-wop style vocal harmonies are a first for a JJV recording. Guitar was recorded on a big box through a mid-60's Harmony amp with tremolo, standing in front of the condenser mic placed off to the side. Bass was recorded on a '65 Eko hollowbody with said condenser mic on it through an Ampeg Rocket bass amp with a Shure SM-58 on it. Percussion evolved out of necessity. The high-ceilinged 1928 room gave the recording a natural warmth.

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