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Guitar-slinger J.J. Vicars tore outta the Sci-Fi Diner in a '58 Caddillac with mounted steerhorns and backward flames, cranking out Hard Driving Blues, Boogie & Rock ‘n’ Roll complemented by smoky after-hours vibes and irreverent humor, his snarling guitar and gruff vocals and  tying it all together.

Born into a musical family, he took up drums while still in single digits playing in his Jr. High marching band while studying behind the kit. Jazz dominated the record player at home while the birth of Rock 'n' Roll commanded the car radio. A few years later he discovered guitar and Blues and never looked back.

For the first decade of his guitar playing life he mainly worked as a sideman in various Blues, Rock, and Country groups. In summer of 2001 while living in Austin he cut his first solo album Sci-Fi Diner and forged ahead on his own. Much like that album he gigged both with his electric trio and solo acoustic. He released two albums of old material, Hi-Tech Hillbilly and Heartland, along with the studio leftovers album Longhaired Leftovers during a decade-long sojourn in Japan. He finished up Long Way From Home and released it upon his return to the U.S. in 2013. Recuperating in northeast Ohio he released Irreverent Dissident to rave reviews and heavy airplay. During the pandemic shutdown he began working on a series of singles testing the new business model. As of 2023 he resumed working on the all-instrumental album Pickin' & Grinnin' and cast aside the revolving door of pickup musicians permanently installing Lisa Nielson on bass and Joe Slezak on drums.

The Desiatos

Lisa Nielson


Lisa Nielson grew up in a musical household where Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Gospel were staples. Her father played guitar in a Blues & Rock band, which her mother sang in, and later became a noted composer. Lisa earned a Bachelors and Masters degree in Cello Performance and Pedagogy later specializing in Baroque performance practices and continuo. She played Baroque cello and viola da gamba professionally for many years. Later she returned to school to earn a PhD in Historical Musicology. Having studied Blues and Rock ’n’ Roll bass with the Reverend Double J for some time, one fateful night during the summer of 2021 Lisa filled in with The Desiatos and has remained the band’s bassist ever since.

Joe Slezak


Joe Slezak swings and pounds the backbeat like there's no tomorrow. An accomplished Jazz musician, he's performed all over the world with notable Jazz, Blues, and Rock groups.





   With Others~


  • *Oasis Rock & Roots Vol. VI (2005)
  • *Musicians For Kucinich #4 (2004)

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