Guitar-slinger J.J. Vicars returns home figuratively and literally on his sixth CD Irreverent Dissident. His first release since returning to the U.S after a decade abroad features his signature Hard Driving Blues, Boogie & Rock ‘n’ Roll complemented by smoky after-hours vibes and irreverent humor, all tied together by his snarling guitar and gruff vocals. The album flows with the ease and experience of a man who has journeyed far and back, the wisdom of age has J.J. sounding as fresh and hungry as ever.

Irreverent Dissident burns from start to finish in three segments. The opening prelude gives way to a trio of quintessential J.J.V. numbers; the autobiographical rocker “Long Way Home”, a roadhouse rendition of Blues standard “Wang Dang Doodle”, and the loping Texas shuffle “Can’t Get Along With You”. Shifting down gear, the second segment moves into the Jazzy slow Blues “Outskirts Of Town”, picks the tempo back up with Jump Blues barn burner “Stinky Twinky” (featuring honkin’ sax pioneer/legend Big Jay McNeely recorded two weeks shy of his 90th birthday), and takes it out with the Texas swing of “Downhome”. A multi-guitar interlude sets the tone for the third and final segment; Western Swing goes tongue-in-cheek with “Things I Need”, the introspective ballad “That Ain’t Me” hits deep offering the flip side of the autobiographical opening number, and “What Do I Tell My Heart” closes the album on a high note of swinging Country optimism.

While putting the finishing touches on Irreverent Dissident J.J. Vicars & The Desiatos won the 2017 Northeast Ohio Blues Challenge. Heading to Memphis for the 34th International Blues Challenge, he’s supporting a fresh new album that shifts gears like a ’52 Chevy. The common denominator throughout the diverse styles is Vicars’ trademark snarling guitar, gruff vocals, and take-no-prisoners approach.



*Irreverent Dissident (2017)

*Long Way From Home (2012)
*Longhaired Leftovers (2009)
*Heartland (2007)
*Hi-Tech Hillbilly (2006)
*Sci-Fi Diner (2005)

*After Hours
*Idle Pleasures
*Pickin' & Grinnin'
*Live From Japan

   ~With Others~

*JJV & Tara Tinsley - Down Home (2014)

Five song EP produced by JJV

*Sorcha & The Sinners  (2012)

 lead guitar on Black Lace Blues

*Premature Evacuation - Meltdown (2011)

 charity single written & produced by JJV for Tohoku

*Wayne Bertone - Another You (2009)

 slide guitar

*Max Blues - The Suitcase (2007)

backing vocals on "Lone Star"

*The Hillbilly Resistance - Hillbilly Resistance (2002)

 electric guitar, Rockabilly trio produced by JJV

*Cannabis Rex - The Bastrop Trailer Tapes (2001)

 lead guitar

*Ron Brewer - Insane Prose (1996)


*Oasis Rock & Roots Vol. VI (2005)
*Musicians For Kucinich #4 (2004)

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