New Single "Here With You" 

The new single "Here With You" and its accompanying video have arrived. Written and recorded in March 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown and offered as a "pay what you want" download. Some people have been generous patrons of the arts while musicians are unable to gig and some people are wondering how they're going to eat next week. Go to and download it now.

The song features several milestones. The lead vocal is a direct result of newfound fitness, the…

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"Irreverent Dissident" on iTunes 

Irreverent Dissident is now available on iTunes. The first full length J.J.V. release finds him firing on all cylinders. From hard driving Rockers and roadhouse Boogie to uptown Blues and swinging Country the Reverend Double J is sounding as fresh and hungry as ever.


While browsing the iTunes store pick up J.J,'s other five releases as well as various side projects and guest appearances.

"Irreverent Dissident" Available Now 

Irreverent Dissident, the sixth J.J.V. album, is available now at CD Baby and Bandcamp. Two years of on-and-off recording with several personnel changes and several songs needing to be recorded again. At long last the finished album is here! Watch the first video, the prelude "Los Vatos in A" and the first single "Long Way From Home".

"Irreverent Dissident" set for August 20th 

Recording, mixing, and mastering has wrapped up on Irreverent Dissident, the sixth CD and first since returning to the U.S. Paperwork and graphic design are underway as is the first of four music videos. Release date is set for August 20th

Winners of the NEOBA 2017 Blues Challenge 

It's still a bit surreal but J.J. Vicars & The Desiatos won first place in the NEOBA 2017 Blues Challenge band category. Dressed to the nines with Denny Wright anchoring on bass and Robert Johnson swinging on drums the band kicked off their set with the jazzy simmering slow Blues of "Outskirts Of Town", stormed through the instrumentals "Stinky Twinky" and "Downhome", and closed it out with the flag-waver "Hucklebuck". In January 2018 the band goes down to Memphis to compete in the IBC. Custom tailored…

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Live Video Unearthed 

Old friend and fan Jonathan Hayes recently found this video from 2007 at The Barge Inn in Narita, Japan. Yoichiro Tsueno is on bass Masaki Ito is on drums. The Barge Inn was the JJV band's favorite venue in Japan and one of the favorites ever. Head honcho Bryan Harmon remains a good friend to this day and he and his staff always took good care of us. Many a night we hung out post-gig waiting for the first train.

The club was situated near Narita airport and was the hangout for airline staff on layover, as…

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Looking Ahead In 2017 

Happy New Year to my audience around the world! I look forward to continued tickling of your ear drums and soothing of your souls.

As we all know 2016 was a bitch of a year with one iconic artist after another dying. Us Gen Xers were hit the hardest since many of these people defined the popular culture we grew up in and that has continued to influence not only us but a generation or two of musicians and artists after us, Prince being a prime example. Besides icons such as him and actress Carrie Fisher…

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Absolutely Fabulous Rocker 

"Jet Set" from the album Heartland has been re-recorded in a deliberate and ongoing effort to have it placed in the Absolutely Fabulous movie. Crank it up and send your fan mail to Jennifer Saunders telling her how much she needs this song in the movie!

New EP Out Now 

Another gem from the archives has been released with links updated to the website. Back in October 2012 singer/songwriter Tara Tinsley was doing her third tour(?) of Japan, this time with JJV as guitarist/arranger. Between gigs and rehearsals they cut five songs for a collaborative album and filmed JJ's video Maybe I'll Know You.

Within days of flying back to the U.S. Tinsley moved to Nashville where she attempted to cash in on the "New Country" (excuse me while I puke) band wagon. The EP was slated for…

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